College Student Support Groups 

Connect with other college students and get the support you need.

On-going therapist-led support groups...


College can be a very lonely time. Many students have a difficult time finding the right friend group and can end up feeling alone.
Covid-19 has only exacerbated this issue, as most students are living off-campus or have limited options for socialization. 
This group offers support and connection with other students.


This group gives students an opportunity to share their experiences and express their feelings. Many young adults report feelings of sadness, fear, isolation, worry, confusion and uncertainty. This process-oriented group is a safe space to express those difficult feelings.

Give and Receive 

Support others and Be supported. Who understands what you are going through better than people who are going through the same thing? In this group, you will receive empathic support from your peers and learn to be there for others. You are not alone. 


In order to increase your sense of well-being and to feel more grounded, you will learn to practice skills, such as mindfulness and gratitude. Incorporating these skills can lead to a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety. While this is a process oriented group, it is led by a trained therapist who will guide and teach along the way.

College Student Support Groups

Groups meet once a week for 75-minutes.
$40 per week.
Groups are conducted in 6-week blocks. 
You must commit to a 6-week block to start the group.
Payment for the 6-week block is due prior to the start of the group.

Maximum of 8 participants per group.
Continuation in group after the 6 week-block is welcome at the same rate. 

To join a group, you must first call for a FREE phone assessment.

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