DBT skills group
Modules 1-4: 

Module 1: Mindfulness
Module 2: Interpersonal Effectiveness
Module 3: Distress Tolerance
Module 4: Emotion Regulation

$90/week; 8 week commitment required; $720 total  

Each module = 8 weekly, 75 minute sessions.
Participants must commit to an entire module.
Only one session can be missed in each module to stay enrolled. 
Each group has a maximum of 8 participants.

Free phone assessment required prior to joining the group.

Family Therapy Session 

$200-$220 for 45-50 minute session; (depending on therapist)

Optional 45-50 minute family therapy session for the group participant and their family members.

Individual DBT Skills Session

$200-$220 for 45-50 minute session; depending on therapist

45-50 minute DBT skills session conducted individually with your DBT therapist.
Individual Skills sessions follow the same curriculum as the groups but are conducted on a one-to-one basis (not in group format).

DBT Skills Workbook

approx $35 

Workbook required for both DBT informed group and individual skills sessions. Must purchase on your own and have prior to first group. Available on Amazon.

College Student Support Group

$40 per week; 6 weeks required; $240 total 

This group meets once a week for 75 minutes. It is on-going and led by a therapist. 

Participants are required to join for a 6 week block. 
Maximum of 8 participants per group.

This group provides support for those feeling the stress, overwhelm or pressure of being a college student at this time. It is a process oriented group, not a DBT informed group. 

Free phone assessment required prior to joining the group.

"Change your behavior and you will change your emotions."

- Marsha Linehan

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