DBT skills group
Modules 1-4: 

Module 1: Mindfulness
Module 2: Interpersonal Effectiveness
Module 3: Distress Tolerance
Module 4: Emotion Regulation

$90/week; 8 week commitment required; $720 total  

Each module = 8 weekly, 75 minute sessions.

Participants must commit to an entire 8 week module.

Only one session can be missed in each module to stay enrolled; one "free" makeup included.

Each group has a maximum of 6 participants.

Free phone assessment required prior to joining the group.

Individual DBT Skills Session

$225 for 45-50 minute session; depending on therapist

45-50 minute DBT skills session conducted individually with your DBT therapist.
Individual Skills sessions follow the same curriculum as the groups but are conducted on a one-to-one basis (not in group format).

DBT Skills Workbook

approx $35 

Workbook required for both DBT informed group and individual skills sessions. Must purchase on your own and have prior to first group. Available on Amazon.

"Change your behavior and you will change your emotions."

- Marsha Linehan

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